Hello and welcome to the Palace Market Vendor Application. Please read the following information before submitting an application:

Thank you for your interest in vending at Palace Market Frenchmen! As a curated market, we are looking for the very best in local, handmade art, and are excited to see your application. Palace Market is a highly competitive market with very few openings, and for that reason we must sadly turn down many wonderful candidates. However, there are certain things we are looking for, so please read through these guidelines before submitting an application.

What we are looking for:

-Handmade products that are conceived, designed, and created by the artist. The more of your work that is made by you personally, the better. We love true craftsmanship, and work that shows a distinct creative voice. Repurposed and recycled materials are fine as long as they are modified enough by the artistic process to become new and distinct objects.

-Local artists from New Orleans and the greater New Orleans area. Palace Market is dedicated to supporting New Orleans artists and craftspeople, and for that reason our priority will always be people living in our wonderful city.

-Something different. We are looking for art that wows us with unique aesthetic, subject matter, process, or craft. If you are creating work that looks and feels different from anything else out there, please apply!

-Artists who want to personally staff their booth at least half the time. We do allow for employees to vend for artists, but would like Palace Market to be a place where patrons can buy art directly from the artist as much as possible.

-As of right now, we are especially on the lookout for more excellent painters and 2D visual artists. We would also love a glassblower!

What we are NOT looking for:

-Food. Sadly, due to permitting reasons, we cannot allow the sale of food or beverage from our vendors.

-Weapons, anything illegal, including drug paraphernalia.

-Anything mass produced or sold in bulk.

-Vintage clothing and antiques, unless significantly altered by the artist.

-Artists who want to vend in more than one category at the same time. We’re all about talent across many mediums, but request that artists sell only within one category at a time. For example, if you paint and also make jewelry, you must sell either your paintings or your jewelry, but cannot sell both from the same booth on the same night.

-Artists visiting from out of town. We very occasionally allow for visiting artists if there is space, but this is reserved for artists of the highest quality who have some kind of connection to New Orleans, Louisiana, or the Gulf Coast, or artists who have a history vending at our location on Frenchmen Street.

-There are a few categories where the market is presently at capacity. These may change with time, but for now we are very rarely accepting new artists in these categories. They are:
-Photographers. Unless you are doing something exceptionally original and well crafted, unfortunately we must pass on most photography.
-Jewelers. Slightly more room than photographers, but again, the work must be exceptionally original and different from the jewelry already present in the market. We are also more inclined to accept jewelry with a high degree of craftsmanship, such as metalworking or woodworking, done by the artist.
-Textiles, homegoods, and bath and body. There are already very few spots for this in the market, as our focus is on the visual arts, but as with photography and jewelry, there is always space for exceptional, creative work.

The Application Process:

-Applications are processed twice a year, in November and May. We do respond to all applications so it is not necessary to follow-up.

-If we are interested, we will invite you in for an interview to better get to know you and your work, and further explain the process of getting started vending at the market.

-We see a lot of beautiful art in our applications, and often say no to work we really like due to space constraints, similarity to existing work in the market, or it just not being quite right for us.

-If you’ve read through these guidelines and still are unsure if you work is right for us, please feel free to apply. The worst we can say is no! We also encourage you to come by the market to see the kind of work available, what we expect from booth setups, and the general vibe, to judge if you might be a good fit.

For questions please contact info@palacemarketnola.com.
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We appreciate you taking the time to submit your application. Expect a response in 2-4 weeks.